I have a private pilots license in single engine land aircraft with a certification in high performance.  I am working toward an IFR (instrument flight rules) license and then seaplanes and gliders as soon as it warms up again.  Beyond travel in general, this is truly my passion!  One day I plan to make it beyond the bounds of our atmosphere even if I have to pay…either way I am doing what I love day to day.

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always want to be.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

First Solo Flight:

solo 117

Yellow Jackets Flying Club:  http://www.yjfc.org/

My Baby: 53527


203GT: I could land this baby anywhere 😀


White Knight II: (Top 10 moments of my Life)


(please disregard my fashion sense that day :-/…I didn’t pack right, it was cold and I needed sneakers for walking)

First time in a Glider…Amazing!! (ASK-21)

My Near Death Experience (faulty fuel pump on take off) Piper Arrow (P-28):

One response

3 01 2010
Brent Southwell

Good luck with the IFR written test. It is a must have. I started taking lessons November of 2006, got my license in March 07, new 2007 G1000 Skylane delivered in May 2007. IFR in 2008. It has allowed us to fly a lot more. So far I have over 510 hours!

Take care,

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