Sir Richard Branson

24 11 2009

Richard Branson arrives at Air Venture with White Knight II

Sir Richard Branson comments he got the first ride because he is the Virgin 😀

Rich Branson kisses Burt Rutan

Pretty much the least fashionable and happiest day of my life 😀

My pics from inside the cockpit (check out the Simpson sticker):

My New Ride Home 😀

I had at least 5 sales guys at Oshkosh say to me (like I was a little girl): “I bet you want to learn to fly now.” No Mo**** F***** I know how to fly! :-p  See if I ever buy a plane from you 😀 Not sure whether to correct them, slap them, or smile and be a “lady” 😀



3 responses

17 12 2009


Pinch the used plane salesman’s cheeks (you pick which ones) and dare them to keep up with you.


18 12 2009

I spent a lifetime getting that kind of crap thrown at me about any gadget, computers, planes, anything that’s not known to be ‘girl stuff’. The best strategy is to school them on it by asking complex technical/low level questions they won’t be able to answer or spit out a bunch of technical geek talk-that puts them in their place! It’s great fun to watch their ‘pwned’ faces 😉

19 12 2009

Yes, this is our world and I have exactly the same strategy..haha. But you have to pick your battles and these Sales guys are not worthy of my time 😀

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