Life Lessons Learned in 2009

31 12 2009

The list of what I have done is too long and no one wants to read a self-congratulatory “look-at-me” list. But I hope you will reflect on your year and challenge yourself to do more in the coming year.  I have had the best 2 years of my life, single and fancy free. So what have I learned in the past year:

1) “Luxury is Artificial Poverty.” ~Socrates; Having fancy things and everything catered to you is not all it is cracked up to be.  Being rich and famous is much like being a caged bird. Really, if you have nothing, you have nothing to hold you back.  Only keep or concern yourself with things that are actually important in your life… in mine: family and friends. Everything else is dispensible and merely for entertainment value.

2) My family is truly my inspiration. I used to think they held me back. Now I see my family allowed me the room to grow. I felt behind the curve because none of them had a college degree and could help or understand my endeavors.  When in fact a family’s unwavering support was always a 100 times more valuable than their help.

3)  Education is a necessary evil. It often holds us back but it also gives us a facility to learn things that may improve the quality of our life.  Always question what you learn. “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” ~Benjamin Franklin

4) Stop listening to the noise of other people telling you the way it has to be  or how to live happy… most of those people aren’t themselves. Even if it is family and friends telling you that you need to get a “new” purse/tv/crap, you should slow down or that working your life away is a neccessary evil…. Drum to your own beat. Don’t listen!

5) “Stuff” holds no value in my life…people do. If you are working to buy big tvs, designer purses, and cars you may need to re-evaluate something. I only see people, intimacy, love, laughter, conversation and learning.

6) He’s just not that into you… and frankly my dear, you’re not that into him either. I have learned to recognize when my ego gets in the way of my rationality in men.  If he is not actively pursuing you or is with anyone else he is not that into you.  Period.  It is not because he is busy.  Men will put you in their life if you are worth their time.  And again, often times you are not that into him either, your ego is…

7) Your relationships should not be love/ hate or hold you back.  I think the best relationships are the ones that allow both people the room to grow.  I had a 4.5 year and 1+ relationships, etc. like this and I have had very short ones that were love/hate.  I know the former can be done and is much more fullfilling. My parents and grandparents have been good models for me… the best kind of love is that which grows.  The same goes with friendship.

8 ) Reject Social Stigma against Women by good example not with combatant words. Women can fly airplanes and design them. Women can enjoy sex.  Women can be smart, sexy and fun. Women don’t have to be a bitch to get respect. Focus your energy on the right people and don’t try to please those unworthy.



2 responses

31 12 2009
Jared fielding

Great stuff. #2 was my fav.

I think I’ll do one of these too. Thanks for the idea.

1 10 2010
G Filotto

Last point is SO true and sadly also so little understood by many women….
Really liked you putting it there.

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