Top 10 Gifts Men Should Never Give a Woman

20 12 2009

Because I am snowed in at my house a gift blog for the holidays seems appropriate. At first I was going to say gifts women don’t want but most women are smart enough to know what women don’t want. So here it is, the top 10 gifts men should never give a woman (this applies to mothers, wifes, girlfriends, friends, co-workers, etc.):

1) Exercise Equipment

This includes exercise balls, videos, clothes.  These gifts make a woman insecure.  I don’t care if she is a personal trainer, exercise fanatic, she does not want this as a gift. Period.  She will buy it for herself if she thinks she needs it.

2) Self-help books

This says you need help on whatever level that may be.

3) Cleaning Equipment

This includes those new vacuum cleaners that do all the work themselves or anything that is an improvement to the junky stuff she uses now. This says you don’t do enough or it could be done better. Either way, why give this?

4) A Picture of Yourself

Unless you are her son or grandson giving a gift like this says you are arrogant or self-indulgent.

5) Clothes

Unless you know her exact size, I would avoid this.  Even if it is her size and it so happens to not fit she MAY feel insecure or upset. Plus women enjoy picking out their own clothes.

6) Makeup

Unless you work in the makeup department of a store and know all about foundation, texture, just don’t!

7) Cubic Zirconium

Unless you can afford diamonds, just get something else….really. Get a completely different stone, her birthstone, a sapphire, anything else… even no stone is better.

8 ) Electrical Appliances

Unless they were specifically requested…

9) Cooking utensils

Unless she is a chef or a big enthusiast

And Last but not LEAST:

10) A Gift Certificate to weight watchers

This includes gym memberships or any other weight loss program.


Honestly, when it comes to gifts I think we are the simpler creatures.  Some women still want the gadgets or the toys but usually they will tell you about them.  Jewelry is always a winner but mostly women just want time and appreciation.  Trips are good gifts, event tickets, a spa treatment, and sometimes high-end lotion (non-sexual).  If she is just a friend or acquaintance: a plant, a good wine (or liquor), a candle, a christmas card, event tickets, or something you specifically know will give her joy or a good laugh.

The link to the boyfriend pillow is:



4 responses

20 12 2009

Dead on! I can’t believe soooo many men are so darn ignorant about this topic. When I saw Tim Ferriss (of all people) tweet about pilates exercise gear being a great gift for ladies, I wanted to bang my head on a T4 while slashing my wrists.

Guys, unless you know the lady really well and have good intel on something she wants bad, then just stick to wine, gift cards for nice stores she likes, home spa and candle-aromatherapy sets, and of course nice quality chocolate.

Great post Morgan, I’ll make sure to spread the word by tweeting this link around! You should post this to ezinearticles

20 12 2009

Haha… well he is just like any other man. Thus, they all need an article such as this 😀

24 12 2009
Justin McCullough

Yikes! I’m doomed. I bought my wife the “butt toning” Reeboks that just came out because she wont stop talking about them…. Now I’m second-guessing.

Sheshhh. Thanks for the tips (wish I would have read sooner)!


PS – At least I’m not giving her a picture of myself holding her new vacuum and a gym membership 🙂

24 12 2009

If you got her something else to atleast balance that one out you are ok… Especially if she talked about them more than 3 times! Good luck 😀

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