Spaceport America

3 11 2011

So again I am somehow the luckiest person in the world. I went to the unveiling of Spaceport America. It was a great feeling to be there for something you truly love and support.. the endeavor of human space travel. This year in particular it was great to be with all the people who are a part of it and to make friends with many of those working to make this possible and those paying, ‘the future astronauts.’
We started the day out with registration and then we’re sent off on a 2 hour bus ride to the middle of nowhere New Mexico to the Spaceport. After Richard Branson gave his welcoming speech we all ran out towards the runway to watch WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo take off together. Then we went in for some long speeches where I spent my time spotting people like Wally and Buzz Aldrin. 😀 Wowa. We had lunch, took photos, and Branson did his epic induction of the Spaceport. After we got back in El Paso we partied at a Historic venue… Double Eagle de Mesilla. I met and danced with Kate Winslet, the Bransons, and the ‘family’ that is Virgin Galactic. It was all pretty surreal at the moment but looking back it was just a great party with a bunch of interesting people for a very cool reason.  Here are pictures of the future astronauts,  a couple of the flight, Richard Branson, the ceremony, and the festivities…..









Thanks again, to my buddy Craig Wichner.  He rocks.  If you want to see more photos just go to my flickr account.  And if you would like to see a good video, I have a link to the Virgin website:



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