SpaceShipTwo Unveil – VSS Enterprise

10 12 2009

So how did I get invited to such a high-profile event? Well someone pretty cool discovered my last blog. 😀 hehe. I don’t like to get too wordy but what a great opportunity to be at the release of the first Commercial Spacecraft. WOW.  I was inspired if nothing else. I talked to so many amazing people, the pilots, the engineers, entrepreneurs, authors, and well even…. socialites (people who carry their own camera crew…haha).  I  didn’t get to talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger; he was ultra protected from really interacting with anyone.  I probably would have been too nervous to approach him anyways…haha.  He was definitely the most “entertaining” speaker of the night.  Ended with “I’ll be back!” Of course I got a picture with my man Sir Richard Branson 😉  Here is my Photo/Video Blog:

Richard now kissing the Governor of New Mexico’s butt 😀 hehe

Arnold Schwarzenegger

These videos make my heart race a little now…at that moment I was freezing to death

Virgin Galactic is definitely a good insurance policy for aspiring Astronauts 😀

A huge thanks to all the pilots, engineers, entrepreneurs who make wonderful things like space flight happen.  You are my heroes 😀

And a special thanks to my new friend Craig Wichner and future Astronaut.  You are the best!

The End (hehhehehe) -Richard Branson’s Butt