Silly Boys… Aerospace Toys are Made By Girls :

6 01 2010

So what does a female aerospace engineer do at work… I get to play with these bad boys:

I meant the hover craft, unmanned aircraft and ground vehicles of course! (not the men themselves) ;-D

Unmanned Helicopter 😀 (Unwomanned? too)

Blended Wing Body w/retractable wings (I am not talking about myself) 😀

You are able to see that even unmanned aircraft can still be very large.

Above are some of the Robots that are used in warfare or to scope out safe areas.

I got to personally play around with the armed robot below…. really COOL.  It is fast and very agile. WATCH OUT!

The red truck is remotely driven and operated; there will probably be a dummy in the vehicle.

Some UAVs are launched off of a platform.

The UAV above has a rotating propulsion unit which enables it to vertically takeoff and land.

The UAV depicted above is the famous Predator!  Predator is known for its surveillance and recent video feed leaks in Afghanistan :-p

Many of the robots and UAVs are operated from small portable laptops and control stations all over the world.

Thanks for following me on a hard day of work. 😉

Sir Richard Branson

24 11 2009

Richard Branson arrives at Air Venture with White Knight II

Sir Richard Branson comments he got the first ride because he is the Virgin 😀

Rich Branson kisses Burt Rutan

Pretty much the least fashionable and happiest day of my life 😀

My pics from inside the cockpit (check out the Simpson sticker):

My New Ride Home 😀

I had at least 5 sales guys at Oshkosh say to me (like I was a little girl): “I bet you want to learn to fly now.” No Mo**** F***** I know how to fly! :-p  See if I ever buy a plane from you 😀 Not sure whether to correct them, slap them, or smile and be a “lady” 😀