Why do we do what we do, How can we do it better

21 10 2009

“Action is [Decisions are] not about resources, it is about resourcefulness”

“Emotional fitness, psychological strength…that’s what it is about”

It is not about desire, it is about needs. 6 needs:

  1. Certainty (uncertainty) “How many like suprise? Bullshit, we like suprises we want…all others are problems.”
  2. Significance
  3. Connection
  4. Love
  5. Need to Grow
  6. Contribute beyond Ourselves



One response

24 10 2009
Leo Edmiston-Cyr

Thanks for sharing this video. I had heard of Tony before but never taken the time to check him out. I was missing out. His insight into human motivations is uplifting.

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